1. Submission

 Is it required to send the full paper? 
 No, only the 2-page extended abstracts are considered for review. 

 Is it possible to submit abstracts more than 2 pages or in Persian? 
 No, the page count includes everything, affiliations, e-mail addresses, acknowledgements, references, figures  and figure captions and it must be in English.

 Is using the template mandatory for the paper?

 Use of the template for the paper preparation is mandatory.

 Is it possible to submit review papers? 
 It is possible. But it should be noted that only extended abstracts are considered by this congress, preparation  of a review using this format seems to be challenging.

 Is it really mandatory to complete all the information on the paper on the upload page?

 Yes, please do, and make sure it is correct and complete. This information will also be used directly in creating  the author list for the proceedings and the information on the congress schedule.

2. Registration

Is there any paper registration fee receipt? 
The registration will be online; therefore you will receive a digital receipt. In case you need formal receipt please contact the secretary.        

Is there any additional payment for more than one paper? 
yes, but there is a 50% discount for registeration of more than 2 papers (3 papers and more extra papers).  

Is there a reduced registration fee for students? 

We do have a student rate, see the Registration Fee page.

3. Presentations and Posters

How can I find my paper in the schedule? 
A congress program will be published after the author registration deadline.

Will non-attending author's papers be published and is there any certification for them?
If due to circumstance authors are unable to attend, they should notify the secretary that they will not attend. Their paper will still appear in the proceedings if they have registered. In this case the secretary will print and laminate the poster for those authors. The certifications will be sent to the postal addresses of non-attending corresponding authors. Papers without an associated registration made before or on the author registration deadline will not appear in the proceedings.

If accepted as oral, is it possible to present the paper in Persian? 
Yes, but conditional.

Are there any format requirements for presentations?

Please use PowerPoint or PDF slide formats according to the template prepared. We do not have facilities for multiple screen presentations, video tapes etc. 

How must the poster be printed?
You must provide your own printout of the poster itself.

Is there a Poster Paper Presentation Session?
Yes, and the Poster Papers are included in the congress proceedings. 

How can the file of oral presentation be delivered for inclusion on the congress room laptop?
Please come to the session room with your laptop or notebook having your presentation file or send it to the congress office email. 

What is the length of oral paper presentation?
Each oral presentation is 20 minutes including 5 minutes for questions and discussions.

Is it a separate fee for workshops?


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